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The Malverne Civic Association is a social and civic-minded organization designed to bring all residents of Malverne together.
We serve a number of important purposes:


  1. Enhance the quality of life in the Village of Malverne

  2. Cooperate with and further the activities of other community groups

  3. Support the merchants and businesses that call Malverne home by using their services and buying their good whenever possible for not only the events we organize and sponsor but encourage others to do so.


The Malverne Civic Association functions as an independent, non-partisan group of citizens meeting to determine in full and free discussion courses of action to be taken in the name of the entire group.


All citizens of the Village of Malverne as well as business owners in Malverne are encouraged to become members.


The Association’s purpose has a history of encouraging members to discuss, research and champion causes of civic importance. Bringing issues to the attention of residents is also part of this mission as evidenced by the Civic Association continued sponsorship of political candidate’s forums.


In addition, through various fundraising activities, the Association will put monies back into our community for beautification, special projects and other worthy causes.

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